RAFA 2018 Winner’s Trip to Switzerland

2018 Rocco Altobelli Fashion Award Winners Travel to Switzerland

Date:  4. Sept. 18

Pos: 44° 53′ 5.1194″ N, 93° 13′ 20.2246″ W

And we’re off!!!  It’s time to celebrate the creativity, talent and hard work of this year’s winners of the Rocco Altobelli Fashion Awards (RAFA).  Our destination is Interlaken, Switzerland where we will spend five days working and learning together with over 30 hairdressers from all over the world in a great cultural and educational exchange.  We will participate in the Fondation Guillaume Junior Seminar, culminating with an on-stage performance to kick off the Intercoiffure European Congess!  Congratulations to our winners:

Liz Kidd – Edina Salon

Emme Vick – Edina Salon

Rachael Lauby – Edina Salon

Kristen Czaplewski – Woodbury Salon

Stay tuned for updates as we post updates with the days’ exciting events!

Travel Days

Date:  5. Sept. 18

Pos: 46° 41′ 1.93″ N, 7° 51′ 58.97″ E

Long day of planes, buses and trains, but we’ve arrived!

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Culture and Majesty

Date:  6. Sept. 18

Pos: 46° 33′ 20.39″ N, 7° 53′ 19.19″ E

Today was a day for exploration, and Interlaken and its surrounds did not disappoint.  From paragliders to the majesty of the mountains and the ice blue color of glacial streams.  We saw it all today.  We started off traveling by train to the small village of Lauterbrunnen before advancing by gondola and mountain train to the alpine village of Murren where the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau peaks tower before you.  A couple of gondolas later, we found ourselves at the Trummelbach Falls – a series of ten waterfalls, six of which are buried inside the mountain!  All the glacial melt from the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau system pour down through this main waterfall at a rate of 20,000 liters per second!  It’s fast, freezing cold, and absolutely incredible.  We finished off the night with our dear friends from the Fondation Guillaume team at Restaurant Harder Kulm – one of the most impressive restaurant locations we’ve ever seen.  Check it out!