Movember With Master Stylist & Mustache Aficionado Nate Wendt

Movember With Master Stylist & Mustache Aficionado Nate Wendt

November is a time where Men are celebrated all over the world because of a recent, but very popular, tradition known as ‘Movember.’

Name origin: Mustache + November = Movember

Movember was founded by the Movember Foundation and started with 30 men back in 2003 to challenge “Bros” to grow a mustache or beard and raise funds for men’s health issues. Today, the global organization has raised over $710 million and has nearly 5.5 million participants worldwide.

The challenge is simple: start with a clean-shaven face and grow throughout the month of November (and raise funds while doing it).

(Photo: Greg Anderson)

We were so intrigued by this popular trend that we asked our Master Stylist and beard / mustache aficionado, Nate Wendt, what his tips and tricks were. Here’s what he had to say:

“First, beard wash is a must. It will help leave just the right amount of oils in the beard and on the underlying skin. Whatever you do, don’t use shampoo, face wash or, worst of all, hand soap on your beard or mustache because it will strip the beard and skin of crucial natural oils. The last thing you want when trying to grow out for Movember – or in general – is a dry and brittle beard.

How often should you wash? I suggest about 2 – 3 times a week unless you have oily skin – then you may need to add an extra day or two. Just like your hair, your beard will collect the smells, dust and gross particles and unwanted bacteria. It’s under your nose, so if you don’t take care of it, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Second, the most common question I hear: should you condition your beard? Yes! Conditioning your beard with a product that is specifically formulated for your beard or mustache will leave it feeling soft and great. It will help keep the hairs nourished and keep it from getting brittle and dry which causes the dreaded beard itch! Using a conditioner is especially great for coarse beard hair that needs to be blown dry.

That’s right! I said ‘blown dry!’ If your beard or mustache is coarse and unruly, this is the best option to keep it long, full and righteous. My biggest suggestion; don’t let your beard air-dry – we don’t want you walking around looking or smelling like the guy from Cast Away – so take it from me, shampoo, condition, blow dry!

Last, but definitely not least, beard oil. Beard oil will assure that your beard stays soft and in control. Apply this god-send after your beard is completely dry to withhold shine, shape and all the bearded-goodness that comes with it!”

To keep your Movember beard or stache looking fresh and clean stop in and see your Rocco Altobelli Professional today.

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