Trend Alert. Fall 2018


Step 1. ON may 18th it all started with a bleach and tone. Lifting to white. Placing color of Rose Gold and Neon Blue / Blissful Blue to compliment the hair cut design.

Fast forward to Aug 3rd. Kori came in and we loved the existing fading of the previous color, so we;

Step 1. Enhanced it by toning the Blonde ends with Rose Gold.

Step 2. Adding shadows to compliment lines / texture in the haircut. Using 6B Sheer and 5vol.

Processing for 20 min, rinsing with cold water.

**** Inspired by David Bowe****


Step 1. Tinted base with 3V Full and Blue Primary,  10vol.

Step 2. Using a wide tooth comb to carefully blend "Smokey Brown" down to look like a seamless blend.

Step 3. Let process, then rinse.

Step 4. Dry hair then Pravanna Lavendar was added on the white ends, processing for 20min.

Step 5 . Cool rinse.

**** Inspired by Smoke****