Rocco Altobelli Advanced Education Academy (AEA)

Personal growth and development is the focus of all staff training at Rocco Altobelli. More time, money and professional commitment are given to perfecting techniques and educating employees than any other salon group. All of the company’s divisions are lead by nationally recognized leaders in their field.

Rocco Altobelli, Inc. was the first to start a systemized education program, including the Advanced Training Academy, designed specifically for Altobelli personnel. Rocco Altobelli, Inc. is known for its high quality training and its staff can expect ongoing classes and lectures with international experts in their field. This degree of training and emphasis on employee excellence is unusual in the industry.

Rocco Altobelli Salons is proud to host a variety of advanced education classes to continue professional development for both our staff and general licensed cosmetologists.

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The Advanced Training Academy by Rocco Altobelli Inc. promotes professionalism, education, and advancement of licensed cosmetologist in areas of specialization. These increased levels of self confidence and knowledge assure the continued quality of excellence in service to our clients, and the growth and success of both the individual and the corporation.

This is the mission statement of our Advanced Training Academy.This statement makes clear the goals of the people who manage, and our employed by the company to work and train at the Advanced Training Academy.

Rocco Altobelli, Inc. would like the Advanced Training Academy to be a positive and enjoyable learning experience for you.

You and your career at Rocco Altobelli Inc. are very important to us.We are here to provide you with an education in a positive work environment.During your training period and after you are placed in a salon, remember that the teaching staff and management are available for you. If you are having personal problems or areas of conflict that you need to discuss in private, you may contact the Human Resource Director or Dianne Altobelli the President at the Rocco Altobelli Corporate Office, 952/707-1900.


Our goals is that you receive an education that gives you the ability to keep and retain
clientele and to have the knowledge it takes to be the best you can be. If you remain
positive, take advantage of this opportunity and be a team player, your career at Rocco Altobelli will have endless possibilities.

The training period is not a competition or a race among you and your fellow coworkers. You will be judged individually not as a group. You may, however, find that in helping your fellow coworkers and working together as a team, you will not only have a better training experience, but you will educate yourself as well.

Assisting in the salons

As a trainee you will be asked to assist in a particular salon from time to time. This basically means you will be working with various staff members and assisting in the servicing of clients. Some responsibilities of assisting include:

• Shampooing for stylist and technicians
• Sweeping hair
• General clean up to maintain the salons appearance
• Blow dries for both stylist and technicians when needed

Please be aware of clients in the waiting area by checking on appointments, offering coffee and magazines. This is a great time for you to familiarize yourself with the operations of the salon and salon staff.